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Figure 1. I don't entirely agree, but whatever.

Figure 1. I don’t entirely agree, but whatever.


Justin Moore’s “Back That Thing Up” is terrible-yet-endearing to me, because I use it as the ringtone for when Christa Desir calls me. So it always signals something good’s about to happen to me personally.

My family HATES this song so much. Why wouldn’t they? It’s corny as hell. But what else would you expect from Justin Moore, who’s another one of those “all hat & no cattle” cowboy types that Nashville is lousy with lately. Of course he’s going to up turn the dial all the way to 11 when it comes to the Shameless Redneck setting.

Mainly, I love hearing it come on around someone who’s never heard it before and watching their face as they listen to the lyrics. One of life’s great joys.

Here’s the video (which I can’t vouch for) if you want to hear it, too; analysis after the break…

back that thing up lyrics


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