I’ve worked as a teacher in both public and private schools; my writing has appeared in the StarTribune, Brain, Child magazine, Calyx, and other web and print publications. I teach at The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis. However, the best job I ever had was when I worked in a thrift store pawing through donations of cast-off junk. Loved that job so much.

I live with Adrian, my husband; Matilda, my kid; and my dogs, Pablo and Jelly. All of whom are super interesting, actually. Built-in entertainment, really.

Here are all my books. I’m also in some anthologies, and I do a podcast with my friend Christa Desir that you can check out here.

If you want to hear my excellent Minnesotan accent, here are two instances where I talk about books on Minnesota Public Radio.

“Local YA author takes on sex and consequences” 
“Authors pick their most meaningful reads of 2015” 

I wish I could report all sorts of cute quirky things that I do, but really, I’m kind of boring. I read a lot and never really go anywhere and don’t see that changing ever. My hobbies beyond reading are quite tepid: embroidery, candle-making, herb gardening, swimming laps.

Oh! Here’s me answering “Hostile Questions” for The Booklist Reader. That might be helpful.

Also, I am represented by this very excellent literary agent named Michael Bourret at DG&B. He does all my business-y things. He’s the one to contact if you want to pay me to write stuff as well as blurb requests.

If you have questions, drop me a message below and Pablo will handle it. He knows next to nothing but he’s very enthusiastic. Don’t give anything to Jelly; he will just eat it.