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Figure 1. I don't entirely agree, but whatever.

Figure 1. I don’t entirely agree, but whatever.


Today, we’re featuring Justin Moore’s “Like There’s No Tomorrow.” You should know that I pick these songs based on how much my husband hates them. And he hates this one RUL RUL BAAAAD.

Justin Moore is not my fave for many reasons, though I think this song is interesting/catchy in some ways. But he himself has a big icky crucifix tattoo (on his bicep OF COURSE; of course he does, you’re saying to yourself) and wrote this song called “Guns” which might as well been commissioned by the goddamn NRA.

He has this other terrible song called “I Can Kick Your Ass” which may appear in this feature in the future. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Here’s the song itself, if you care to listen, and I think you should. THE TWANG YOU GUYS. THE TWANG IS OTHER WORLDLY. As always, I can’t vouch for the video, since I never watch them.

The lyrics, amended, are below the jump.



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