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Unfortunately, my skills do not involve finding kidnapped people, conducting high speed chases, detonating explosives or committing murder. Sorry.

BUT: what I can do is advise you on any kind of scene in your fiction that involves sex, kissing, or romance, with a special emphasis on characters that are adolescent.

Still with me?

Here’s how it works:

  1. You send me fifty US dollars via PayPal and a scene that involves sex/romance/kissing, up to 10 pages, doubled-spaced, and no more than 3000 words. Please include some brief context for the excerpt, as well as what kind of novel it is, and any questions/issues you have.
  2. I send back some line-edits, margin comments and general guidance on how to tackle your problems and questions.
  3. You take a look, let me know if you have questions, and then we both carry on with our merry lives.

Pretty simple, huh?

If you have questions, or are ready to get started, just send me email: carrie@carriemesrobian.com


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