10 Reasons to Read OTHER BROKEN THINGS by Christa Desir

10 Reasons to Read OTHER BROKEN THINGS by Christa Desir



FIGURE 1. Other Broken Things by Christa Desir, available now


  1. Because our girl’s a fighter. Literally. She’s a boxer. Or at least she was before all sorts of shit happened and she quit.
  2. Because addiction and recovery stories are very dear to me. Not just because this is a familiar narrative in my own family and life, but because within them lie so many important truths. Truths that our main character Natalie cannot always see.
  3.  Because, like Natalie, I was (still am) a stubborn fucking girl. Fuck yeah stubborn ladies!
  4. Because Christa Desir makes you want what Natalie wants. Even if what Natalie wants is not good for her.
  5. Because parents are an intractable, frustrating and indecipherable entity in the lives of adolescents. Good parent characters in YA are difficult to depict; we have to look at them from a narrow teenaged view as well as the wider view (if we’re adult readers, that is).
  6. Because nothing annoys me more than an obsession with the Christmas holidays. Yes, Nat: I’m with you on that score regarding your mother.
  7. Because I know young people in recovery and I know how hard it is for them. I have some kids in mind for copies of this book who will fully appreciate Natalie. Especially her sexual history.
  8. Because there’s sex in the story. In a YOUNG ADULT story. And it’s sad and real and…sigh.
  9. Because girls can–and should–make mistakes in stories. And that is worthy of examination and representation.
  10. Because growing up is messy and difficult. And just like addiction recovery, it never really ends.

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