Master Mondays, Week Ten: The YA Novel Class Recap

Master Mondays, Week Ten: The YA Novel Class Recap


Figure 1. Lookit this man. Don't you want to just scoop him up and put him in your pocket?

Figure 1. Lookit this man. Don’t you want to just scoop him up and put him in your pocket? This has nothing to do with anything.


TL;DR Version

Manuscript reviews. Adult beverages. It’s gone by so fast!

Unabridged Version

Of manuscript review, I can’t say much. All three stories we looked at last night were very different but, like the others we’ve reviewed, all very strong in the voice department. My advice was to keep barreling through until the ending emerges.

Shaina did gift us with some adult beverages. Or young adult beverages, depending on how your youth went. These weren’t the cheap Keystone/Rainier Beer beverages of my youth, of course. We’re thinking of doing some actual foods next week. I’m a big fan of snacks in classes, so I’m excited about this. Only two more weeks!

My family is still shocked when I’m gone each Monday night for this class; turns out, this is a similar experience for many in the class. “Oh, you’re still doing your thing?” is a common question. I suggested that we could all keep up the pretense once the class is over and spend our Mondays at the bar or entangled in extramarital affairs, given that perhaps by December 15th, our families will be habituated to our absences.

Technical Details

We have spent much time discussing logistics and technical details in our manuscript reviews. This is a valuable part of a class like this; you can see where you might need to do a little research or patching up or whatever. A few topics we’ve covered:

– Minnesota State High School League Rules
– School newspaper hierarchy/classes
– schools for the blind
– issues in adolescent psych wards
– medical information disclosure in hospitals
– first aid training procedures for high school teachers
– social media & communication norms for young people

Books Referenced

Cut by Patricia McCormick
Clean by Amy Reed
OCD Love Story by Corey Ann Haydu
Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
Darcy Walker series by A.J. Lape
Shine by Lauren Myracle
Chime by Franny Billingsley


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