13 Ways of Looking at Sleepy Hollow, “The Weeping Lady”

13 Ways of Looking at Sleepy Hollow, “The Weeping Lady”

Figure 1. Nicole Beharie who is pure excellence incarnate

Figure 1. Nicole Beharie who is pure excellence incarnate


1) I LOVE the “unsettled opening” where you’re never sure where you’re being situated in time, usually due to Crane’s strange view of modernity.

2) Trying to hate Katrina but it’s difficult when she does delightful badass moves like summoning ravens to deliver messages

3) the word “bauble” never fails to please me

4) So, I watch television with captions because I have terrible hearing. This drives other people crazy when they watch with me; they say things like, “All I’m doing is staring at the words!” Well, yeah, too bad. Better than not understanding the content entirely. ANYWAY. One of the perks is that you get little ambient commentary like”eerie whooshing” “wind whistling” “muffled shrieking” “water gurgling” “raspy sighing” “hissing” & “sword clanging.”

5) Teenage car make-outs interrupted by horror are the de rigueur plot advancement device which reminds us that furtive sex has CONSEQUENCES. You want to get to third base, kids? It’s gonna cost you.

6) “A missive composed by thumb” and “grimacing lemon caricature” = two more reasons that Ichabod is making me fall in love with him

7) Can the raven become Ichabod’s pet? I think that should become a Thing.

8) Hawley has pretty white bleached teeth for a privateer who lives on a houseboat. Also his houseboat looks like it’s from the Jimmy Buffet for Target collection.

9) That said, I wouldn’t kick Hawley outta bed for eating crackers. Obviously Jenny agrees with me.

10) Over and over I cannot help marveling at Abbie’s abilities and beauty and emotional depths and bravery and constant constant vigilance. I love her with Crane but I also love her all on her own. She’s a delightful heroine in so many ways.

11) I understand that the bloom’s gotta come off the rose for Ichabod re: Katrina but that whole “you weren’t honest with me!” bit was kinda forced. I mean, seriously. I suppose we need to acknowledge that Crane feels tender toward all human life, especially his foxy girl suitors that he shoots down whilst being all sweaty in his open-throated shirts and all, but whatever.

12) Henry is such an old gnarly dickhead. With his little train table miniature set of Sleepy Hollow that he lords over! While I suspect that Abraham might have misgivings about his allegiance with Moloch, given Henry’s trollish appearance, we can be relatively certain that he’ll remain Pure Evil til the end.

13) Dear sweet lord do I love this show! It’s practically BEGGING me to stay inside on a weeknight and wrap up in the couch throw and give me all sorts of Halloweeny horror thrills.




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