Win an annotated ARC of Perfectly Good White Boy

Figure 1. Perfectly Good White Boy, on sale October 1, 2014

Figure 1. Perfectly Good White Boy, on sale October 1, 2014

What is an annotated ARC? It’s an advanced review copy of Perfectly Good White Boy that fell between my bed and the wall that I thought I’d given away, but hadn’t (OBVIOUSLY) and then decided to doodle in, little notes about where I got the ideas for things, crossed-out parts that got fixed in the real version, various marginalia.

(I stole this idea from Molly Backes, by the way.)

Anyway, in order to be considered, you need to do Twitter things.

*waits while all the non-Twitter users leave the auditorium*

You need to tweet at me a break-up sex haiku. This is because, among other things, there is a fair amount of Break-Up Sex in Perfectly Good White Boy. 

(There’s also other stuff, but I’m sure you’ll thank me for not asking you to write #DeerHuntingHaikus)

The tweets need to be tagged as #BreakUpSexHaikus or #BreakUpSexHaiku – however you like, depending on your character count needs.

The contest ends at midnight Central Standard Time, on Monday, September 22nd, 2014.

There is only one annotated ARC available, alas. So serve me up some Twitter prurience and you could win it!

EDITED TO ADD: Andrew Karre will kick in five actual non-annotated copies of the book for his five favorites as well. Heeehawww!




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