Say Hello to BookLikes!

Say Hello to BookLikes!


Figure 1. BookLikes, a blog platform for book lovers

Figure 1. BookLikes, a blog platform for book lovers


Okay, I’m going to be a little explain-y for a moment.

GoodReads, the previous book platform I’d been using to both track my own reading and connect with readers of my books, is owned by Amazon.

Amazon troubles me. I won’t go into the reasons, for fear of boring you. Just suffice to say that I don’t buy books from Amazon and refuse to do so. I don’t buy much of anything from them, if I can help it, actually. I realize it’s strange to loathe a company from which I derive some of my income, but I do.

Still, I like the idea of tracking what I read and connecting with readers. So, what to do?

BookLikes. It offers the same service without being owned by Amazon. And actually, I like their features much better. It feels a little like Tumblr and a little like GoodReads and a little like a blog reader.

I still have an Author Page at GoodReads, but I removed all the books I read/want to read from there and transferred them to BookLikes. I realize it’s a small thumb to the eye of Amazon but it’s about the only thing I can actually do beyond not buying from them, which I already do. (Don’t do?)

Find me on BookLikes here!

The main reason I’m telling you about this fussy little situation is because I will be doing all my giveaways on BookLikes going forward. So, if you’re interested in winning a copy of Perfectly Good White Boy, for instance, please get yourself an account at BookLikes so you can participate. I’ll be doing giveaways in September and October, just FYI.

Or just get yourself an account and follow me so I can follow you back and we can talk about book stuff!


People have asked about how difficult it is to transfer their books from GoodReads to BookLikes. It’s SUPER EASY. A matter of making a csv file at GoodReads, then uploading that to BookLikes. It takes less than 15 minutes, all told. No cutting/pasting.


2) click to make the csv file, save to your hard-drive

3) import the file here on BookLikes:

4) BookLikes notifies you when everything’s transferred


  • Hannah on Jul 07, 2014 Reply

    I have no qualms against Amazon, as that requires scruples or morals I don’t currently possess. I do however dislike Goodreads rating system and the over abundance of padded reviews and cyber-bullying.

    I took a peek at BookLikes and I like what I see so far. I have joined, but the idea of transferring all my to-reads and reads is a task that is currently too daunting. Maybe I’ll start from scratch…?? No idea. You’ll find me at HKBookNinja.

    • Carrie Mesrobian on Jul 07, 2014 Reply

      Transferring took less than 15 minutes. You need to export from GoodReads (involves making a CSV file and saving it to yr hard-drive, which they explain easily on the GR site) then importing that same file to BookLikes.

      Then BL notifies you once everything’s imported. No drag and drop, nothing. It was wonderful.

      • Hannah on Jul 07, 2014 Reply

        I just imported! That was really slick! I’m going to try it for a little while and see if I like it. Thanks for the mention because I have never heard of it.

  • Cyrano de Bergerac on Jul 07, 2014 Reply

    I’m an author with a Booklikes account, too. For lots of complicated economic-theory reasons, I find I don’t have anything against Amazon (which makes me officially politically incorrect in the industry). But I’m devoted to Booklikes because it allows me to have an anonymous venue where I can write analytical thoughts about the novels I’m reading. I love to think critically about books–it makes my own writing better, I hope–but I feel odd about knowing my colleagues might see it. The ironic part is, my Booklikes following is much, much higher than those of my Twitter, Tumblr, or web site. I am Cyrano de Bergerac, writing posts for Christian de Neuvillette. (No, Cyrano isn’t my handle…but why didn’t I think of that sooner?!)

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