The Avocado Sisterhood: Interview & Seminar

The Avocado Sisterhood: Interview & Seminar


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Hey all.

So, I have this wonderful friend named Marj Hahne who I met in my MFA program (hint: the reason you do an MFA program is mainly because of all the cool people you will meet who will become your friends) who is an amazingly versatile and talented writer, and I’m not just saying that because she edited my critical thesis paper (“Choices & Consequences: Sex in Young Adult Literature” – you know, that barn-burner of academic analysis) but also because she runs a very cool organization for women and girls who write called The Avocado Sisterhood.

This organization offers support to all kinds of female writers, of all ages, from all kinds of genres and perspectives.

It’s a membership organization, with lots of good things available to members (yearly writer’s retreat, online forums, teleseminars) as well as lots of free options for you to get a taste of what membership involves.

Because Marj wanted to broaden interest in Young Adult literature, she offered not just the usual free “guac & chips” interview with me, but also opened up the teleseminar I did for everyone, members and nonmembers.

Seminar details below:

Against Nostalgia: Writing the Coming-Of-Age Story 

Young Adult literature is best thought of as writing that is about adolescents, but not necessarily for them, and with good reason: adult readers have been flocking to the recent surge in YA books. Why is adolescence such a fascinating topic for people? What are some of the concerns writers have about recalling this period in their lives? How do you approach those threshold experiences—first date, first car, first kiss, first sex—with an authentic voice coming from the shores of innocence, when you are already on the other side? How can you translate your own growing-up experiences into fiction that resonates with contemporary readers?

Listen in, and check out the Avocado Sisterhood! Thanks for having me, Marj!


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