Pretty Sweet News Part V: Sex & Violence Wins 2014 Minnesota Book Award for Young People’s Literature

Pretty Sweet News Part V: Sex & Violence Wins 2014 Minnesota Book Award for Young People’s Literature




This was very surprising to me. Winning an award for your book, though, is very nice. Shaking hands with Will Weaver, who came to speak to your high school when you were a senior and who said he held a grudge for never being inducted into the National Honor Society, which you thought was super fucking cool of him, is an honor. Seeing your mom meet Will Weaver and get all weak in the knees (“I’ve read all of his books! He’s so famous!”) is just flat-out wonderful.

Being in the Young People’s Literature category with three other writers who I think are pretty damn cool and wonderful and smart, too, is very excellent. Having my book set beside books by Swati Avasthi, Anne Ursu, and Mary Losure is unbelievable and feels very good.

Seeing so many friends attend the Gala and wish me well? Wow. Thank you. Kathy and Kari and Kirstin and Katherine (do I only know people with K-names?) and Marcus and Molly Beth and Juliann and all the other people who introduced themselves to me and who I’m forgetting because social events make me breathless and nervous.

It’s no secret I’m a ninny about parties and socializing and stuff where it’s very loud, so I was anxious as hell about the whole gala enterprise. But Matilda was bonkers happy about getting to dress up and wear jewelry and be fancy and Adrian loves anything where he can gad about and talk to absolute strangers. I had never been in the Union Depot in St. Paul, either, since, you know, I never go anywhere and all, but it was pretty damn lovely.

I’m very, very proud to represent Lerner Publishing Group with Sex & Violence. As my editor Andrew Karre pointed out on Twitter:


Andrew and I worked very hard on Sex & Violence; it is undoubtedly the book it is because of his abilities as an editor. It makes me Almost-Weepy to think about how good he is and how happy I am to know him and work with him and count him as my friend. And I can’t wait for you all to see the next book we cooked up together.




  • DanYELL on Apr 07, 2014 Reply

    I am real itchy to see the next book. When will that happen again?

  • Sarah Ahiers on Apr 07, 2014 Reply

    So much tough competition this year, but I never doubted the awesomeness of S&V!

  • Matthew MacNish on Apr 07, 2014 Reply

    Congrats, Carrie! Well deserved.

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