Repetition Playlists Part I

Repetition Playlists Part I

Figure 1. My. Would you look at that? Sweet suffering sassafras.

Figure 1.  Oh my sweet and creamy lord: Would you look at that?  I am sure he would hate all of my music cos he likes punk rock and whatever. This has nothing to do with playlists.


I don’t make playlists for writing. They just sort of happen to me.

But mostly, the songs only come one at a time. I like to set my iPod to repeat sometimes and just listen to the same thing, over and over and over, all day long. While writing. While doing housework. While running. There is something about this that keeps me in the mood/mindframe for whatever the hell I’m writing about or thinking about.

There is no telling why a song might merit this distinction. Though I took piano for many years, I’m not particularly musically-gifted or inclined, so I can’t analyze the actual bones of the music to figure it out. And lyrics range from profound to insanely dumb. So that’s not it, either.

Anyway. Steve Brezenoff, author of The Absolute Value of -1, Brooklyn, Burning, and Guy In Real Life, has this great thing on his blog about music where he catalogs his favorite songs and talks about them. Though I give him shit about this, he is still my friend and when I approached him about my repetitive tendencies, he was like, “Oh, sure, I do that all the time!” and we hatched a plan to blog about it. So, thank you Steve, for being encouraging and nice, even if I’m a dick about your music obsessions.

I have a list of 30 songs, based on the number of plays they’ve gotten on my iTunes, will share with a 5 at a time. Each song has a link to it, if you’re so inclined and want to listen. (Cannot vouch for the videos, however…)

1. Idaho – Gregory Alan Isakov


Figure 2. Gregory Alan Isakov. I have no comments to make about this man.


I love this dude so hard. I love all his songs and can let them tumble and shuffle all day long. Definitely pensive music. But still moves me. I mean, I can run to Gregory Alan Isakov. Yes, I’m a super slow runner.  Yes, I’m sort of an emo dork. Great. First song and I’m already totally defensive.

2. Come Over – Kenny Chesney


Figure 3. Kenny Chesney. This is the least icky photo I could find of him.


Okay, I know. I KNOW. It’s Kenny Chesney. Don’t watch the video. Or watch it, and make fun of me. Whatever. Anyway, I love this song because it puts me in a frame of mind for the kind of secret obsessiveness about sex and deviance that was on my mind (when isn’t it) while writing Perfectly Good White Boy. There’s something about the solitude and the closeted loneliness and the repetition (see that!) of stupid choices that appeals. Also, it’s not a love song. It’s just very dirty and mercenary. Oh, Kenny Chesney! You contain multitudes under that skin-tight cowboy hat.

3.  All Kinds Of Time – Fountains of Wayne


Figure 4. Fountains of Wayne. No comments, here, either.


So, I only like football because of Friday Night Lights and this song. And I have nothing else to say about this, but it makes the list so there. #eloquenceFTW

4. Mama Said – Metallica


Figure 5. James Hetfield of Metallica. I think he’s extraordinarily attractive. I do like the shorter hair, for sure.


James Hetfield is wearing a cowboy hat and a shiny Western shirt in the video, I know. I KNOW. Don’t watch the video if you can’t handle it! (I think he’s a total babe, if you want to know the truth.) But I like how power ballad-y this song is. It’s not all screechy speed metal, but enough guitar to remind me of the scruffy boys of my youth.

5. Stay – Rihanna (featuring Mikky Ekko)


Figure 6. Rihanna, who is the reason I added the pictures of the other musicians, because I just feel like staring at her naked, and that way it doesn’t look as asymmetrical/weird in the actual post.


Okay, I had never seen this video before doing this post and so I had no idea that Mikky Ekko was a dude. Also, I feel quite certain that I could look at Rihanna naked for a fairly long time before getting sick of it. (Also, Chris Brown: you bastard.) Anyway, I love the piano in the song and I love her voice and I once ran three miles listening to this song on repeat. So, there.



For varsity level music freaks who want to follow this list as it builds, here’s the link for it on Spotify.

What do you listen to on repeat? Send me your favorites so I can test them out.




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