This Makes Me So Happy

This Makes Me So Happy


Young adult librarian and book reviewer Angie Manfredi tweeted this shelf-talker created by a reader named Desy:





Angie also told me that Desy described the book as a ‘fast read.’

I love that. I love books that are fast reads myself! I worked really hard to try to make Sex & Violence one, too.

I also love seeing this because I’m finishing edits on Perfectly Good White Boy and working on my third book and the issue of plot was on my mind yesterday. I’m not a good plotter sometimes. I have trouble rustling up action in my stories, that’s for sure.  But sometimes I’m overly critical of myself about this. Sometimes I need to stop worrying that I don’t make orphanages blow up or have my characters ride motorcycles in space or shoot rayguns at dragons or whatever.

Seeing this is a good reminder that a plot can still be engaging without being complicated.

Seeing this also makes me very happy to be a writer. Real young adults, reading my young adult book! That’s really happening!

Thank you, Desy and Angie!



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