Pre-Holiday Ejaculation

Pre-Holiday Ejaculation


Figure 1. My feelings on the matter of Christmas.


To ring in the holiday, today we had a wart removed from Matilda’s toe. It was really giant, this wart. And the hysterical hairy deal Matilda made about it? Also giant. She told people she was having ‘surgery’ and we gave her a pill to ‘calm her down’ because she’s afraid of needle involved in the local anesthetic but really it was a Placebo Tablet and Jesus Christ she’s a nutjob.

Adrian is working from home today, so he went with her. I went to the grocery next door, buying pudding and oranges and crap to placate her after her ‘surgery.’ I finished that up early and came back to the clinic where I heard her screams from the waiting room. Lovely. Dreadful.

I’m full of dread, too, as we wind up to The Big Day of Holy Gift-gasm. There are things I need to buy and do. We have to pack up all our shit to go visit family. I find this very onerous this year, though I can’t really expect anyone to come here for a visit. We don’t have much of a place for entertaining. We’re still remodeling, you see, and though we now have a living room area again, we’re mostly living out of the same four rooms as before.

There are some very good things happening, too, of course. Like, two days ago I went on my First Run Since October. That’s huge.

And my writing side of things is going well, both in terms of Sex & Violence, and the edits on Perfectly Good White Boy and the beginning of book #3. I feel like a dick complaining. I feel like a dick when others are suffering. I feel terrible that Ned Vizzini died.

Now I’m going to sit on my sofa with my girl after her Wart Surgery Ordeal. We’re going to watch TV and eat pudding and pet Pablo and I’m going to make some hats out of yarn.

For those of you not on Twitter–you poor things!–let me repeat what I said there yesterday:



Enjoy the rest of 2013!


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