I Talked For A Long Time About Everything BUT Norman Reedus…

I Talked For A Long Time About Everything BUT Norman Reedus…

Figure 1. This is my book wearing its brand new STICKER


I was on the Minnesota Public Radio yesterday. It wasn’t my debut radio performance, but close. And it was fun and went fast, though man, did I sweat it beforehand!

There was discussion about the ‘sex & violence’ and other disturbing content in YA, since my little book tends to make people think about those things.

Here’s Anne Ursu weighing in on why that discussion when it comes to books is highly ridiculous and even harmful.

Beyond that, I never swore or discussed Norman Reedus in any capacity. Or The Walking Dead. Restrain your shock, please.

In other news:

— my whole body is freezing because of this ill weather of freezingcoldnessosityationalarityatitude which has put the state of Minnesota into a fucking stranglehold

— Matilda won’t stop amending her Christmas list OH HOLY GOD PLEASE STOP I HATE CHRISTMAS GROSS

— Pablo still afraid of his food bowl, sigh

— Finished edits of book #2 AKA Perfectly Good White Boy, so now I can pay attention to other things, i.e. student work, teaching, reading 99 million books I want to read, decorating goddamn Christmas tree, cleaning bathroom sink, etc.


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