November Is Hard To Love

November Is Hard To Love


Figure 1. November is a very complicated month full of hand gestures & what not.

Figure 1. November is a very complicated month full of hand gestures & what not.


One. I am very low on sweaters. I need more sweaters.

Two. For all I bitch about clothing, I often end up wearing things I hate. Right now I’m wearing jeans I’d like to SET ON FIRE.

Three. I believe in my husband like some people believe in God.

Four. Every time I talk to high school kids and they tell me the books they are assigned to read, I want to lay down and die.

Five. I bit off all my fingernails. But I haven’t had a cigarette in 36 days.

Six. My kid is super into those banned “Rainbow Loom Bracelets” and if her school tries to ban them, they are gonna get the rough side of my tongue, I tell you.

Seven. I don’t understand why anyone goes to Applebee’s.

Eight. Did you know you can use TokyoMilk Dark lip balm as a hand salve, too? My friend Megan sent me a tin of it and I just LOVE IT. #WinterDryness #Tips

Nine. This is a beautiful essay by Matt De La Pena. His wish, to write books for those who aren’t necessarily groomed as readers, is one I also share.

Ten. I miss my couch. I miss my old bed. I have been leafing through home decor and furniture catalogs, which is FRIGHTENING. What’s next? I make a Pinterest board of bathroom tiles I like? Start wearing Lululemon yoga pants? JFC.

Eleven. I have the best students from The Loft, you guys. Just met with one I’m going to advise through her sophomore year project and she’s just so excellent and funny. And her story concept is so COOL. My students always stun me with their ideas.

Twelve. On Sunday, Laura Ruby and Steve Brezenoff and Andrew Karre and me are going to talk about Sex in YA Literature at the Loft, as part of the Second Story Reading Series. We’ll sign books and eat thematic treats. It’s Sunday, November 17, 2 pm and free/open to the public. Details here.

Thirteen. My plan this weekend is to marathon through Sleepy Hollow. Just you try and stop me.



  • Hannah Kincade on Nov 12, 2013 Reply

    Sleepy Hollow is my new favorite show. For reals. Also the tall, hot, and Britishness of IChabod…mmmmmm.

  • Meagan on Nov 12, 2013 Reply

    But you, my friend, are very easy to love.

    (Do not give in to the yoga pants)

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