More Blog Tour Stuff

More Blog Tour Stuff

Figure 3: Sometimes you just have to make a bunch of Elmo cupcakes when you keep fucking the half-sister of your boss, you guys

Figure 1: Sometimes you just have to make a bunch of Elmo cupcakes for a little boy’s birthday party when you keep hooking up with the half-sister of your boss, you guys


It’s Minnesota where I live and it’s cold and we had snow but it melted but it’s still cold because my house doesn’t have a furnace. Not because we live off the grid or anything; I’m not crazy. Just because we’re remodeling, my husband and I. Because, apparently, we felt our marriage was so solid and heroic, we figured we’d stress test the fuck out of it with a whole bunch of crap that makes everyday life harder: reduced kitchen amenities, no walls, no sofa, lack of television, constantly blown fuses, space heaters, tracking down cheap building supplies on Craig’s List, etc.

Not that this has anything to do with the Sex & Violence Blog Tour, mind you. I’m just stating facts.

In happier news, here are the latest posts for the Blog Tour:

Ivy Book Bindings – Keertana’s review, plus me talking about do’s and don’ts for writers regarding mental illness and therapy

A Reader of Fictions – Christina’s review

The great thing about all the stops on this tour? In addition to really long, thoughtful reviews, all the blogs have tons of really interesting commenters. To be honest, any comments at all please me, cos I don’t get many here and not that I’m whining, I just tend to get more comments via linking posts on Twitter/Facebook.

(Probably has to do w/ my lack of blog commenting, in actuality. Uh oh.)

That has nothing to do with anything, either. Except the bloggers involved in this tour are really good at what they do, cos comments = good conversation and community. I recommend going back and reading their other reviews; these reviewers are thoughtful when it comes to YA. See what else they recommend!

Monday’s stop was The Midnight Garden: Wendy’s review, plus me talking about sex & violence depictions

Thursday’s stop will be Jen Ryland at YA Romantics: here’s her review from 10/31. Thursday will feature a Q & A with me that was super fun! Jen had great questions!

What else? Oh, well, this:


Figure 2. Oh, hi. I'm Norman Reedus, just standing here looking all fetching and bashful and what not

Figure 2. Oh, hi. I’m Norman Reedus, just standing here looking all fetching and bashful and what not


You should know that I have this one friend named Ash Parsons.  We met on Twitter because both of us couldn’t stop snarking about this bad show on the CW. Anyway, Ash went to a certain con in Atlanta. And she gave a certain actor on The Walking Dead a copy of my book.

So basically, knowing that this certain person who I enjoy staring at online and on my television? This person?

He touched my book, yall. I mean, it’ll probably go into storage where he keeps weird objects from lunatic fans, but still. That’s so fucking cool, I don’t even know what else to say about it.

Yes, I do. I fucking love Ash Parsons. She is some kinda excellent queen of a woman.

So you better all buy her book, Broken, when it comes out from Philomel in spring of 2015. You heard it here first, bastards.









  • Heather@The Flyleaf Review on Nov 07, 2013 Reply

    Wow. Yeah–that’s a pretty fierce combo there:)

  • Heather@The Flyleaf Review on Nov 07, 2013 Reply

    You are so darn cute with your Norman Reedus obsession. You will meet him one day–I do believe it is written in the stars…

    • Carrie Mesrobian on Nov 07, 2013 Reply

      I hope to meet him. Or at least get close enough to SMELL him. Ash says he smells like “sex & cigarettes.”


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