Our Tiny Life

Our Tiny Life

Figure 1: Probably you should not smoke cigarettes.

Figure 1: Probably you should not smoke cigarettes.


Would you like to know all about my life lately?

Too bad. I’m telling you anyway.

So, first. It’s September which means our long national nightmare of summer is done. Or near done. Whatever. I am very pleased for two reasons. First, Matilda’s a 5th grader! And her school day was lengthened by 15 minutes so that kids wouldn’t choke on their lunches and could go outside and run around for 11 extra minutes. Great luxuries here in the 55421, I’m telling you.

Second, Adrian’s starting a one-credit graduate seminar today and by the end of term, he’ll have his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. Which has been plaguing him for about a decade.

Third, I just paid 64 bucks to reinstate my teaching license. I’m legal to teach Spanish to grades 7-12, yall.

So basically, we’re a whole family of brilliant geniuses, which is very nice. (Except for Pablo. He’s just average.)

Unfortunately, our Genius Family is living in what would be called ‘reduced circumstances.’ Which means we have no furnace or insulation or walls. Or sofa. Or television. Or stove.  It kind of looks like a big bummer but you know what? It’s not. It’s kind of exciting and cool.

Figure 1: Our gutted house.

Figure 2: Our gutted house.


In other news:

I’m having a thing about researching the Ye Olde Economist John Maynard Keynes. Anyone have a recommendation on a biography for him?

Here’s my Sex & Violence Launch event. Yr invited. Come on over and enjoy yourself.

Here’s a review of Sex & Violence on Stacked, plus a Twitterview of me. (Twitterviews = hard.)

Here’s a self-satisfied take on slut-shaming girls/protecting precious itty baby whiteboy sons that makes me want to claw my eyes out. Do us a favor, lady: ease up on the sugary-sweet-yet-cunty admonishment and maybe teach your boys to respect others without making anyone into a villain. And I’d like to think that your boys aren’t animals you need to restrain. Give them – along with womankind – a little fucking credit. (I feel a strong STFU,Prudes post making its way into life…)

Here’s a list of things I currently find fascinating:

  • bisexual men
  • people who own less than five pairs of shoes
  • why everyone else’s morning glories are blooming except for mine
  • Adrian’s changing view of his enlargening muscles
  • models of economic efficiency
  • whether Matilda is an introvert or an extrovert
  • Dot Hutchison’s A Wounded Name
  • Aaron Hartzler’s Rapture Practice
  • the general oeuvre of Eloisa James
  • Jennifer Lawrence (cannot.stop.staring)



  • Carolina Valdez Miller on Sep 04, 2013 Reply

    Dude, you have a lot going on right now. HERE HERE to the end of the heat. (although, ok, it gave me a serious load of tomatoes in my garden, & it wasn’t all that hot in Indiana this summer, but yeah). And HERE HERE to your brilliant thoughts on that shameful use of Internet ink of a blog post. I’ll be thinking about that all day now. DAMN. I was hoping for a peaceful day today. I can’t decide what’s worse? The shaming, horribly condescending language that strips her sons of all responsibility for their actions, or the fact that it all came from a woman.

  • Matthew MacNish on Sep 04, 2013 Reply

    I’m a man, and I own more than five pairs of shoes, because shoes are the cornerstone of any outfit.

    Also, that momma Hall post! Fuck.

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