Fall Is Here

Fall Is Here

Figure 1: I'm just hanging around in my hoodie with my tousled hair and what not.

Figure 1: I’m just hanging around in my hoodie with my tousled hair and what not. Check out my chest and my masterful shoulders if you want. It’s no big deal. I’m very chill.


In July, I packed an entire cedar chest of sweaters away into the shipping container that now lives in our driveway. (It’s orange, in case you wondered.) I left out a handful of hoodies and some jeans.

The best days of summer are in September, I told myself. You won’t need any warm clothes, I told myself.

So smug. Because, hello: Fall is here, man.

Also our house hasn’t had a furnace since August. We’ve had some very cold wake-ups this week.

Fall is here. Which means:

— I have to wear socks again. All my socks are packed in the shipping container. I’m wearing The Mister’s man socks.

— No more raspberries or mowing the grass or watering anything.

— Summer is gone. School has come. Which means, a pile of deflated beach floaties in the backyard. Which means bonfires in the yard and pots of soup and going to bed early. Which means fighting at bedtime and fighting in the morning.

This is not specific to fall arriving, but I have to stress this: I miss our television. I miss our sofa in front of our television. I miss lots of things from our pre-remodel life, which are all living in the orange shipping container.

I miss the stairs leading into the basement, for example. Now, in order to do my beloved laundry, I must slip through two support beams and climb a ladder down to the lower level.

I miss my flip-flops.

But I’m glad fall is here. It’s really the best time to be in Minnesota. I don’t like being sweaty. I like wearing jeans. I don’t like shaving all the time. I like when all the cold temperatures kill the mosquitoes.

I think I am ready to go inside and stay there. To zip up my coat. To roll all the patio furniture into the garage. To shut the windows, haul my books out of my backpack. To put on my slippers and get to work.



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  • Hannah on Sep 17, 2013 Reply

    I hear you. I me some love fall, because I really, really hate sweating. Hates it. But I also don’t like winter and fall is closer to winter. I’m fine with snow until Christmas and then it must all burn in hell. Until then, I will enjoy the cider, bonfires, stews, and piling on the blankets.

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