Happy Birthday Early

Happy Birthday Early

Figure 1. We've all been waiting for this moment.

Figure 1. We’ve all been waiting for this moment, clearly


I turned in a draft of book #2 today. Six days early. Not because I’m really great but mostly because I’m ready to kick this book in the face and can’t look at it any longer.

Anyway, while that sounds unpleasant, it’s really not. Because then I can celebrate my birthday this week in fine style without feeling guilty and incomplete.

Also, I can go back to not smoking, which is where I like to be. Who wants to go outside in this shitty heat and suck heaters? Only addicts, that’s who.

Also, so I can regard my household and family with the proper attention they deserve. Put away my clean clothes. Make sure Matilda’s hair gets brushed. Tell Adrian his muscles are huge and amazing. Walk Pablo around the pond. Go buy groceries and pick up people’s prescriptions. That kind of thing.

Also, now I can read the stack of books by my bed. And go to the beach a couple more times. And pull nails out of scrap wood. And maybe figure out book #3…


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