Birthday Recipe

Birthday Recipe

Figure 1. Matilda Maude Anoush Cutieface My Favorite Girl Ever

Figure 1. Matilda Maude Anoush Cutieface Chubby Cheeks Best Favorite Girl EVER



Yesterday, in preparation for my birthday, I did the following:

– cut out a bunch of Adventure Time paper crafts with The Matilda

– went shopping

– bought four new fly-swatters and put them all around the house (home remodeling leaves a lot of windows & doors open, thus, fly vectors)

– read romance novellas about pirates (one which featured a dude who was BLIND & then regained his sight via power of vadge, which, I can’t even tell you how many times that’s happened to me in my own personal sexual life, you guys)

– read part of a romance novel that featured steampunk, vampires, thralls, etc., plus a VIRGIN WEREWOLF GUY. He was the sweetest Virgin Werewolf Guy ever, yall.

– cleaned up my whole messy insane house

– sent out some teaching proposals

– sent 99 thousand emails

– bugged Adrian about dumb things (“Do you like my braids?”; “Isn’t it hot? I hate this so much”; “Come look at how much ass I kicked cleaning the whole messy insane house!”; “Where’s the goddamn stapler?”)

– told Pablo “yr such a goooooood booooooy” 27 times

So, clearly, now, today will be an excellent day.

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