Sex & Violence & Stuff

Sex & Violence & Stuff

Here's my book. I'll probably be talking about it a lot.

Here’s my book. I’ll probably be talking about it a lot.


Hey. It’s me. On my blog. Linking to stuff about my book:

Like, here’s a review of Sex & Violence…by an Actual Real Teenage Reader!

And here’s a chance to win one of ten free SIGNED copies!

And also, here’s me at The Flyleaf Review on how I like to read book series.

And here are two Storify thingies I did: one on my Romance Writing Class at the Loft Literary Center, which was super fun (at least for me!) and one of me banging on about Sex in YA Literature, which is my little cri de coeur, as you might know.

This is Rick Grimes. He's busy. With stuff. Also, things.

This is Rick Grimes. He’s busy. With stuff. Also, things.

Since other stuff is going on in the world…

Here is the Comic-Con 2013 season 4 trailer for The Best Show Of All Time, I mean, The Walking Dead.

Here is why we must all write Ken Cuccinelli and ask him where his penis/mouth have been and what’s been up his butt, as well. For the good of our nation, you see. WHERE HAVE YOUR GENITALS BEEN, AMERICA? AND DID THEY WIPE THEIR FEET BEFORE COMING IN THE HOUSE? THE NATION NEEDS ANSWERS.

Here is a brave girl named Tuesday Cain fighting the good fight, with an awesome dad named Billy Cain, backing her up. God, this makes me all verklempt.

Here is Kelly Jensen fighting the good fight for books and teenagers and young adult as a genre, which was spurred on by some religious fuckwit insisting on banning Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak because rape somehow equals porn (I KNOW. I CAN’T EVEN.)




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