More Than 13 Ways Of Looking At The Vampire Diaries Season Finale: "Graduation"

More Than 13 Ways Of Looking At The Vampire Diaries Season Finale: "Graduation"

Figure 1: Alaric who is dead. Kinda. But anyway. I miss him. 

How can we care about graduation when nobody ever went to school?

Oh, Bon Jovi. Oh, Daytime Drinking.

“I should be upstairs grooming my hero hair!” – oh snap, Stefan

This whole ‘I’m dead but I’m walking around’ thing? Kinda negates the deadness part. Plus ghosts can eat/drink?

Um, so, who’s this ex of Rebekah’s and what’s with his Romance Novel Costume?

What the fuck’s with all the vengeance-having Irish brogue dudes?

God, I love Alaric. What a mistake to kill him. Or a brilliant move. Whatev.

The Romance Novel Guy is like a mix between Jacob in Twilight and Highlander.

Also, this shit Rebekah and Matt are talking about, about traveling? While he stands on the Bomb Suitcase of Death? Seems rushed/hurried/weakass.

Sire Bond. Emotions. Elena’s Humanity. The Cure. YAWN.

Suddenly, Drunk Stefan is all snappy and rational.

“The Hunters are dicks.” – Damon, who I love.

Still not understanding this weirdo ex of Rebekah’s. I need more time to absorb what his deal is.

Do people really care that much about graduation? I spoke at my graduation and I didn’t even care that much. Christ. Also, why does Stefan go to graduation? What’s the goddamn point?

“Welcome parents…if there were any in Mystic Falls. But there’s not…so…” – Principal Guy, who is also Bonnie’s Dad, somehow? I have not been paying proper attention.

Has someone made a supercut of all the times Damon’s been staked/shot/killed?

Don’t you wish Lexy and Alaric could be everyone’s mom and dad?


I kind of feel like Elena/Katherine are doing all the acting in this episode and everyone else is just reading their lines. Okay, except for Alaric. And Stefan. And Lexi. And Klaus.

Okay, what I’m saying is that Bonnie and Damon and Matt and Rebekah are phoning it in, okay?

Can you imagine Stefan in Portland?

Should I feel bad that Bonnie’s dead? Nobody’s really ever dead on this show, though. She shoulda timed it better so she and Jer coulda made out amidst all the Yankee Candles, though. Dummy.

I don’t know what’s going on re: Elena/Katherine/Stefan/Shadow Selves/Silas. But I hope Matt finally gets some already.

Dunno if I’ll watch this show next season. My Give-A-Damn is busted on the whole.

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