Hey Lookit All This Stuff: Links of Note

Hey Lookit All This Stuff: Links of Note

Figure 1: gratuitous sleazy Norman Reedus image that has zero to do with the links of note


I rarely do this kind of post but felt it was necessary for reasons that aren’t that interesting.


Writer James Lasdun’s memoir about cyber-stalking reviewed in The New Yorker

Malinda Lo on my favorite topic of Sex & YA Lit

Chomp, chomp! An excerpt from Maggie Stiefvater’s The Dream Thieves!

Kelly J. at Stacked talks about the reductive approach to YA lit

Why I Can’t Wait To Read Bennett Madison’s September Girls: The Forever Young Adult/Kirkus Review

Here is me at the Loft Literary Center’s Writer’s Block Blog blabbing about cliches & romance


This mysterious rare disease where you grow another skeleton and how one woman dealt with it

Since distillation is a big topic lately in my home: Local ‘Craft’ Distilled Liquors Misleading

Masturbation at the root of all culture wars: Hugo Schwyzer explains

Paul Bloom makes a case against empathy in this essay titled “The Baby In The Well” 

Riot Grrrl Archives donated to NYU by Kathleen Hanna

(Now I know why I never do things like this. The Linking, IT BURNSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS)

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