Matilda Part II

Matilda Part II

Figure 1:  Matilda, age 2

I was so happy when Matilda started talking. The mystery of her wants and needs could be solved, at last. In her baby book, I kept a list of words she could say (or tried to say).

Anything fun, like a slide or a swing, was called a whee! or a boing! She would insist you push her on  the swing more by saying, go way high, Mom?

She also said both okay and no-kay as if they were opposites.

For a while she didn’t use the word “anybody.” Instead:  Whobody wants some pizza? or Whobody takes me swimming?

Nexterday must have meant “tomorrow” but I never actually could figure that one out.

“Listen to my heart-beep, Mom,” she would say, inviting me to cuddle with her.

“Don’t sit on a butt, Dad,” she would tell her father, when she wanted to go do something.

When she wanted Adrian and I to pick her up, she would put her arms in the air and say, “Hug! Hug! Hug!”

She also said farewell after she went to the toilet: “Bye, pee!”


maynoes = tomatoes
lemons = melons
melons = lemons
yo go = yogurt
fa-fly = butterfly
babbi = bottle
‘chines = dad’s greasy machines she shouldn’t touch (but still did)
nakin = naked

I am so glad I made a list of some of these things. She often likes to hear about how she acted as a baby because it makes her laugh. Makes me laugh, too.

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