Matilda Part I

Matilda Part I

Figure 1: Matilly, age 6, heading for swimming lessons

Being that my girl turns ten in two days, I am thinking I should mark this. A decade of Matilda.

Here is one little story of her that pleases me so much.

My sister and I took Matilda to Target a couple days ago. She loves shopping, see, and she loves toys and she loves to tell me all the things she wants. This is not the thing that I want to note, it just makes her my child and a girl in America and whatever else.

We were in the stationery/card aisle and a pack of college girls wearing U of M swimming/diving jackets walked by. Like, big giant amazon swimmer girls, all blond. This Target we were at is always full of college kids. Anyway, my sister said, “Hey, Tilda. Those girls? Those girls are swimmers in college. They are even better swimmers than the ones in high school. Even better than Sid.

Sid = her older cousin who swims for his high school team and kicks ass at 500 freestyle and also can drive a car and always makes her laugh, ergo, God.

Anyway, so what I did after my sister said that was dart away, because I knew what would happen next and Jesus, I am such a wimpy introvert. My sister came and found me a minute later.

“She’s talking to those girls!” Kristin said. “She just bellied right up to them and told them she’s a swimmer, too. And now they’re asking her what team she’s on and her best strokes and stuff! I can’t believe her!”

I shook my head. “Of course she was gonna do that,” I said. “You didn’t know that? She’s a total Adrian like that. She’s always barging up to strangers and striking up conversations. It totally freaks me out.”

“I know!” my sister said. “But it’s totally awesome.”

Of course it is awesome. It’s pretty cool to have a kid who can do things that you find unbelievably difficult. A kid that you admire. And that is just one way I admire her.

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  • Angela on Apr 21, 2013 Reply

    I love it. She’s such a great kid.

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