Matilda & Me: Stuff We Like

Matilda & Me: Stuff We Like

Matilly with her Monster High School play set on Christmas

– Mad Libs

– James Marshall’s George & Martha books

– owls

– One Direction

– cookies

– when Adrian fixes all our broken stuff (toasters, Monster High dolls, cars, bicycle baskets, etc.)

– hippos

– the sound of Pablo crunching through his dogfood in the morning

Once Upon A Time

– getting mail

– LUSH bath bombs

– berries

– black beans

– her cousin/brother Owen

– skinny jeans

– polar bears

Groovy Girls

– LaLaLoopsy dolls

– Adventure Time

– taking very long hot showers

– not having to be anywhere or do anything

– blank journals & notebooks

– hammocks

– her cousin/brother Sid

– painting things

The Iron Giant

– when Pablo gets the hiccups

– pink grapefruit

– oranges

– going to Target

– Snapple


  • Elizabeth Fama on Jan 04, 2013 Reply

    My 19-year-old composed and performed the music for both features. We were disappointed that no one asked him to be the real voice of Marshall Lee in the upcoming AT episode in which ML actually has lines. I mean, 5 million hits on YouTube oughta make his voice canon in some universe!

  • Carrie on Jan 04, 2013 Reply

    SO COOL. I will show the Matilly when she gets home from school today!

  • Elizabeth Fama on Jan 04, 2013 Reply

    Ohmyglob if you guys like Adventure Time you have to see my 15 year-old daughter’s fan animations! The first one is her imagining of the missing scene the producers said they left out of the gender-bent episode, and the second one is an original (again, gender-bent) story.

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