The 12 Days of Neil Young: Razor Love

The 12 Days of Neil Young: Razor Love

The husband is all shined-up for a job interview. He looks extra Ham Sum.

Actually, I think he’s Ham Sum all the time. I’m such of fan of all of his business. La la la.

One of my friends described our relationship as ‘gloves off.’ Which probably refers to my making fun of him constantly.

I guess that’s true. I tell myself that we’re both big fans of honesty. He’s got thicker skin than me, of course.

Also, we don’t usually discuss ‘our relationship.’ Because: BARFFFFF.

Anyway. I like Adrian a lot. And this song reminds me of that.

P.S. This video is not that optimal. The song is what matters. One of these days I’ll figure how to embed Spotify songs since they look nicer.

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