The 12 Days of Neil Young: Out On The Weekend

The 12 Days of Neil Young: Out On The Weekend

I should not like Neil Young. Just given the way fans at his concerts smell, at least. I went to see him a couple years ago when he came to The Northrop (favorite place to attend a concert) and all of the fans around my sister and I smelled like a combination of the following:

a) dirty feet
b) patchouli mixed with greasy hair
c) marijuana
d) body odor

(All of those things are not okay for my body to smell like. I’m not going to prescribe what the public should smell like. I’m not a fascist. I just have a really tender nose. Anyway.)

I should not like Neil Young because I’m not a hippie.
I should not like Neil Young because his voice is so terrible.
I should not like Neil Young because I know fuckall about guitar appreciation.

Yet I love Neil Young. My college boyfriend (liker of camping, yoga & Phish; hater of donuts) introduced me to him. College Boyfriend taught me some good things, I must admit (how to throw a Frisbee, how to play racquetball, the importance of breakfast).

And he had a huge collection of Neil Young. And I really liked all of it. Particularly Harvest. 

Particularly “Out On The Weekend.”

Particularly this lyric:

The woman I’m thinking of
She’s loved me all up
But I’m so down today
She’s so fine
She’s in mind
I hear her calling

See the lonely boy
Out on the weekend
Trying to make it pay
Can’t relate to joy
Tries to speak and
Can’t begin to say

Anyway. It’s December so I feel like sharing.* Enjoy.

*H/T : Kirstin Cronn-Mills for the concept.

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