Family Time Off

Family Time Off

What I look like today. Except I’m not wearing a fortune teller’s tablecloth for a shirt.

Our day so far:

1. We woke up post 8:00 am which was highly luxurious and excellent.

2. Adrian and I were lying in bed talking when Matilda hollered “How do you spell ‘periwinkle’?”

3. Ate breakfast together (eggs, toast, sausage, tea).

4. Matilda staged film version of The Lalaloopsy Horror Story.

5. Adrian, Matilda and I all weighed our heads to see who’s the smartest i.e. who has the heaviest brain.

6. I took a shower and blew out my Kip Winger hair.

7. Matilda and I made a plan to go do girl’s things, then abandoned it.

8. Asked Adrian ten times if I looked cute (this happens every day).

9. Adrian read articles about the fiscal cliff.

10. Adrian and I plucked each other’s eyebrows while Matilda watched in delight/disgust.

11. Adrian took a nap on sofa, then blamed the English Breakfast tea for being all pussy compared to coffee.

12. Cleaned the kitchen to make homemade bath bombs.

13. Pablo lost his mind during filming of The Lalaloopsy Horror Story (involved speeding remote control cars and giant dolls crashing from great heights).

And it’s only 3:37 pm CST. Imagine if we really applied ourselves!


  • Carrie on Nov 23, 2012 Reply

    No, that sounds nice, Ela. I tend to think we’re pathetic and weird, so it’s nice to know we’re heart-warming and stuff.

  • Ela on Nov 23, 2012 Reply

    That just sounds like a sweet and lovely time–and the way you chronicle it offers just the right meld of goofy and touching. If that doesn’t sound too trite. Hope you know what I meant!

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