Super Fancy & Glamorous

Super Fancy & Glamorous

There’s a giant flatscreen television facedown in our living room. The mister bought it on Craigslist, just has to reconfigure a circuit board or something. Then we’ll have a Mega Television.

Matilda’s sick and in bed telling herself the story of her new doll that’s half giant, half river monster. “Dragons actually have to drink lots of water. Not too much or their fire goes out. But just enough to make their scales soggy.”

I think my dog has multiple personality disorder.

Our house is really gross. On all levels.

I’m daunted by the prospect of buying milk.

My father amuses me. “Don’t let archeologists who dig up this land think I’m a killer. There’s only raccoon skeletons in that ravine.”

I love going to Shopko. It’s like an alternate universe Target.

I love looking out the second story window of the bathroom in my parents’ house while I shower and just seeing woods. “Hello, Woods. I am glad all this building material separates us. Yet, you are pretty.”

I cannot get anything done lately. It’s sort of making me batshit.

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