Night Prowler by AC/DC

There’s this boy and girl. He’s a year younger than her. He has brown hair, long, and it curls around the collar of his flannel shirt. He wears a lot of flannel shirts. The girl likes to tickle his ribs under them.

The girl likes this boy. He doesn’t know why; they met at a shitty house party and she never stopped dogging him since. She’s cute enough. She talks a lot. She’s got a big rack. She picks him up and they go behind the elementary school and after they smoke a bunch of cigarettes, they make out in the grass.

It’s dark. October cold out and so it’s little uncomfortable. Shivery. They kiss for a really long time. It’s the main activity, nothing else seems to ever happen, and neither of them care. It’s a school night and neither of them are drunk for once. But they don’t stop, there’s no point or goal. Just them together, alternately on their backs, dead grass in their hair, touching until it’s time to go home.

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