The Rainier Writing Workshop

The Rainier Writing Workshop

I’m going into my third year of graduate school. I love residency (10 days in Tacoma where we take classes,  listen to craft talks, eat and drink together, dink around like idiots, etc.) but this year I am happy to be home.

My bed is wayyyyy more comfortable than that plastic-coated dorm atrocity.

I don’t have to feel shy about dealing with Bathroom Visits of Major Import.

I can pet my dog and listen to my kid giggle.

I can enjoy the new patio Adrian built for our backyard.

I can go back to being sober and thus not tempted to smoke cigarettes. I drink almost every night at residency, as opposed to at home, where I drink about .001% of the time.

It was very hot in the Pacific Northwest, which was too bad, as no place has air conditioning, I guess…because it’s the Pacific Northwest. Like all bad weather, I took this very personally. I hate sweating when I’m just sitting around.

The other problem with a three-year program is that each new class that comes in is full of interesting people and then I’m contending with consta-socializing. This is a nice problem to have, of course, but it takes a toll on Introverted Me, because I cannot refuse to chit-chat, or I’ll lose my chance! I only see these peeps once a year, so I have to cram in everything in ten days.

There’s some nice beer in the PNW. Also, there’s that one giant mountain and whatever, plus the Glass Blower Guy, but who cares, really. Let’s be honest: all I did was kvetch with my writer friends and snicker and eat a lot of meals I didn’t cook (salmon!) and act like a dumbass. It was divine.

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