Oh Hello There

Oh Hello There

I cannot ever figure out how wrap dresses should work on my body.

Does hiking ever get easier? It just seems like a lot of uphill huffing and puffing and looking at your companions’ backs.

I just paid my fall tuition & finalized my FAFSA. I deserve a soup-can lid medal.

My nightstand has dust bunnies on the book pile. That’s how gross my bedroom is. I need to clean it, now that it’s not a sweltering inferno any longer. I really hate putting away clean clothes.

My doctor said to try to eat 10 servings of fruit and vegetables per day. Do you know how fucking hard that is?

While I was away at my Grad School Thingy, the husband built us a patio. It’s very lovely. A herringbone pattern, with bricks and such. He is very excellent.

Once, when I was opining some dumb idea to my father about economics when I was in high school, he scoffed and said, “That’s ridiculous! That’s like giving someone a donut to make them run faster!” I don’t remember what preceded that statement, only that I laughed super hard at his donut comment and never forgot it. Old Man Mesrobian = Very Amusing When He Wants To Be.

Cherry tomatoes with balsamic and salt and pepper are basically the best thing ever at all.

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  • Ela on Aug 22, 2012 Reply

    Then eat lots and lots of said balsamic cherry toms and you’ll be well on your way to the ten servings, sub the donut for a banana to run faster and hiking will get much easier…and as for the Old Man’s expostulation, I don’t get it!
    Where I live, dust bunnies accumulate so fast, you can see them coming back _while_ cleaning them away. I’ve been gone three months and the dh doesn’t clean. Still not home, but I have some expectations for the dustbunnies having bred like, well….

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