On Telling People Stuff

On Telling People Stuff

My sister and I have this thing – it’s like a talent, or a curse – where people we don’t know well tell us all kinds juicy, insane stuff about themselves.

Neither of us can figure out what it is about us that makes people talk and talk and talk to us, but they do. They just slop our troughs with everything they can think of. And then sometimes they decide we are their best friends, because we’ve stood there and absorbed all this errant information without recoiling in horror.

When I have worked at normal jobs, this always happens. I show up for work and then the telling starts. It’s fine at first, sometimes annoying, but also seems completely crazy to me. I view workplaces as hostile environments, not settings in which to disclose my sordid past or display my tender spots. Maybe the whole world doesn’t work this way?

I guess the thing is, though, that if you are one of those people who just blows your personal wad on people you’ve just met, you should check first to see if the person you’re unloading unto is me or my sister. Because there is a porous membrane between us as far as data exchange goes. What she knows, I know, and vice versa. And I’m a writer, with this blog, see. So. Yeah. Beware.


  • Carrie on May 25, 2012 Reply

    Why does this happen, do you think? My sister & I are very different from each other, yet it still happens. The best theory we have is that we are too polite to cut people off, and this world is pretty short on receptive listening. Except I’m not really receptive, I’m just frozen and unable to extricate myself from the situation most of the time.

    Where are you going, Ela?

  • Ela on May 25, 2012 Reply

    I like the new profile pic! And yes, isn’t it weird when people do that? When I was in my teens and early 20’s it would happen to me all the time on airplane flights–the craziest stories, in minute detail.

    I’m going to miss reading your blog…

  • Carrie on May 24, 2012 Reply

    Why is this? Is this normal and we’re the weirdos who don’t talk? I mean, once I get to know people, then it’s okay, but this straight outta-the-gate DUMP of sensitive material seems sorta dangerous, right?

  • Syntax and Salt on May 24, 2012 Reply

    I always thought this used to happen to me because I was a waitress or a bartender frequently. And then I moved back to the computer industry and IT HAPPENS EVEN MORE when I’m not even working.

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