Never On Sunday

Never On Sunday

Sunday’s never been my fave, as growing it up, it just meant a bisecting of the weekend, killing it so it was really only one magical day of Not Waking Up Early.

Releasing the religious impulses I was raised with took a while, but a day like this past Sunday makes me realize how much happier things are without them. I feel like I do when I get a tax return – like I’m getting a bonus surprise! Woo! Sunday is now an extra day of lazy goodness!

This Sunday I woke up and then fell back asleep. Then I let the dog out and ate a bunch of leftover Chinese takeout for breakfast. Then I went back to bed and read my book (Anna Dressed in Blood, and it’s lovely, thankyouverymuch). Then I fell asleep.

At noon, I got up and my sister needed an airing. So we thrifted and scored a bunch of cool skirts (we wear skirts for shorts in the summer because shorts are EEEVVVVVIIIIIL.) Then we had iced tea and chips and salsa at Chipotle. Then we came home.

All the kids in our nabe were tearing around on bikes and there was a broke-dick, abandoned lemonade stand in our front yard and it was sunny and beautiful. I helped Adrian while he diagnosed the dishwasher and ice-maker’s respective failures and repaired them. Then I made chili and we had our Sunday Night Potluck in the yard with my sister’s family where Adrian told an entertaining story about his visit to REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED which was super funny.

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