My house is driving me crazy lately.

You guys, it’s not a very nice house. I mean, it keeps the rain off us and is in a fine neighborhood and we’ve got our own green space and working furnace and that kind of thing.

It’s just…ugly.

And small.

And full of junk.

I’m hating it. I’m tired of cleaning it, and I’m not much of cleaner. But you have to clean tiny, tiny spaces. Because there’s no oxygen molecules to breathe otherwise.

We have a ghastly alley kitchen we can’t eat in. A one-car garage crammed with junk (not cars). A bathroom with tile that’s all porous and white, that kind that looks dirty one second after you wash it. Even if an angel breathes on it, that tile gets dirty.

Our living room is tiny. It looks mostly okay, but it’s tiny. And I guess my office is okay. But Matilda’s room needs a chair and our bedroom needs some serious rearrangement and some picture-hanging and new shades. Also, insulation that’s worth a damn. The latter is years down the road.

But our basement? Holy god, what a shithole. It’s very Silence of the Lambs-esque.

And our backyard needs a patio like whoa. I’m so sick of my lawn furniture sinking into the damp grass.

Did I mention I hate DIY home projects? That I’m not crafty or visually gifted? Mostly I just want everything to look respectable so I can quit thinking about it.

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  • Ela on Apr 11, 2012 Reply

    I hear you on this. Our cabin’s about 16-20 and neither one of us is a neatnik! You’d think working mostly from home I could arrange some regular cleanup schedule, but with this semester’s load it’s just built up and I’m long-buried… At least we have our awesome view…

    We’re definitely getting into the season where the ugly white plastic chairs will suddenly sink into the melting ground, tipping over the unsuspecting person, who’s often sitting right at bluff’s edge! Some of our friends are scaredy-cats.

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