YA Greek Gods Time Traveling Into Dystopic Futures of Horror Full of Ghosts

YA Greek Gods Time Traveling Into Dystopic Futures of Horror Full of Ghosts

Figure 1: my current preoccupations


I’m all up into a bunch of fantasy/paranormal/dystopian ya lit at the moment and while it’s lovely and supremely entertaining, it also just makes me feel kinda bland.

I don’t have any wild concepts in me.
I don’t have any zesty science fiction extrapolative chops in me.
I don’t have any spirituality so making up stuff about witches or angels or the immaterial is terribly hard.

Reading these books’ jacket copy makes me feel like my book is kinda, yanno, tepid. Like, my own jacket copy should just say, “It’s about this boy Evan and all this junk that happens to him and what he thinks about that junk. I dunno. Maybe you could read it out in a cemetary while wearing 3-D glasses and pretend he’s Apollo for a better effect?”



  • Carrie on Mar 21, 2012 Reply

    See, you know who needs to write the Greek Gods book? YOU, Ela-Monster!

    Which ones have you read – I'm curious. I love mythology, but some of the titles for YA in this realm are better than others, that's for sure. This is coming from a girl whose most difficult book on the subject was some Edith Hamilton, of course…

  • Ela on Mar 20, 2012 Reply

    Oh, c'mon! At least you're not going to mislead a whole generation of kids into a ridiculously skewed view of the Classics, so that if they ever do get to take a Classical Mythology class, let alone read some of the original texts, they'll have to spend the whole time unlearning what they read in their kids' books about 3d intergalactic Apollo!
    Brings out my inner snob

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