The Story of Smurfwang

The Story of Smurfwang

So, there’s this Super Seekrit Society of ladies who I gab my face off with online. You can’t know about them unless you already know about them. It’s not the Masons or whatever but it’s a big long thing and I’m not telling you so just forget it.

Anyway, in aforementioned SSS, there’s this thread where we discuss things we find funny. Just to balance out the bitching and what not. So one day, I posted the following:

I dunno if y’all will think this is funny, but I totally do. So, a few days ago, The Matilda and I were dinking around with Play-Doh.
We were making dishes for her American Girl and whatever. As I am not terribly 
fastidious, we left out a big hunk of light blue Play-doh that was twisted into this heinous looking cylinder that looked like a dong. Not on purpose. Butanyway, the next day, I told Matilda she should get up otherwise I was gonna feed her this Smurf Wang for breakfast. So then we kept calling it the Smurf
Wang and laughing about it. (Not throwing it away though.)

This morning, I hollered, “Hey, anyone want to some fresh Smurf Wang for breakfast?” and Adrian said, “I’d hardly call that dried-out thing fresh.”

Matilda added, “If it were fresh, it would still be attached to the Smurf…”

After that, there was discussions where people said they were naming their fake bands and real bongs Smurf Wang, and people laughed and ‘liked’ the post, all that stuff. Then the first smurfwang hashtag appeared on Twitter. Apparently, my SSS ladies are becoming more bold and are taking our inside jokes out into the greater world. This is no reason to start stock-piling canned goods and gasoline but maybe the world will become a fraction more amusing.

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