High School Is A Serious Thing…

High School Is A Serious Thing…

Sid was telling me the other day about this geometry test he took, because he had a bunch of formulas written up on his arm. I didn’t even want to know if that’s cheating because I secretly think it doesn’t matter because I hated my geometry teacher and have used geometry about four times since 10th grade myself and I know Sid will never be an engineer or a nuclear physicist but probably a phy ed teacher or a police officer or join the Marines, so who gives a shit about geometry? Certainly not me.

And I’m not alone, clearly. But that’s not the point of the story.

“There was this kid during the test who was sitting there, leaning back with nothing on his desk,” Sid explains. “And the teacher comes up and says, ‘Where’s your test?’ And the kid goes, ‘Oh, it’s in the garbage.'”

This pleases me so much, I almost wish I taught in a high school again. Except for then, I’d have to give a shit about the kid’s failure and lack of STEM education and the tyranny of low expectations and his dumb parents calling me to bug me and what does that say about The Youth Today and before you know it, all the goodness is sucked right out a situation where a kid saying something so balls-out and brazenly is really quite amazing and humorous and don’t you want to know that kid? Don’t you want to know how he got to that point, where he could say that to a teacher’s face and smile?

But I can’t think that and be a good role model at the same time. So it’s no high school teaching for me.

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