Hell Yeah Scarleteen

Hell Yeah Scarleteen

Figure 1: You should totally buy Heather Corinna’s book.


Based on the Google hits that bring people to my blog (hot-guy-shirtless, my-boner-in-sweatpants, etc.), it’s probably not surprising that I’d endorse Scarleteen, the teen sex education site that has somehow managed to deliver excellent content in a social climate that seems to only want to use sex for political or commercial purposes.

A recent Q & A with a reader asking about his premature ejaculation problem was particularly good. I feel like laminating it and passing it out on street corners. However, I hate people who do things like that. Luckily I have a blog.

Go read it here. 

And psst…pass it on: Scarleteen is the best sex ed site around, and it’s not just for teenagers.You’re never too old to learn about how to knock boots, you know.



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  • Ela on Mar 22, 2012 Reply

    Thanks for sharing this–I'll have to go check it out and fill in all the gaps.

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