Bands Whose Songs Give Me Gross Feelings

Bands Whose Songs Give Me Gross Feelings

1) 10,000 Maniacs.

2) R.E.M. (Even pre-Document stuff. Especially that.)

3) Stone Temple Pilots. (On account of Weiland’s awful druggy turn and how awesome they once were)

4) Ani DiFranco. (Yeah, I know. Sorry, Feminists. She used to be such an awesome conflagration in my pants. I dunno what happened.)

5) They Might Be Giants. (Don’t talk to me about their kid rock. Or anyone’s kid rock. But I can no longer tolerate all the yelling).

6) The Violent Femmes.

7) The Spin Doctors. (I know they only had two major songs, but the overplaying? Jesus God.)

8) Siouxsie and the Banshees. (Prurient and shameful reasons doomed to plague me for the rest of my life, I guess.)

9) The Cure.

10) Soundgarden. (Or anything involving Chris Cornell, let’s be honest.)

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