Writing Stuff Going On

Writing Stuff Going On

I forgot this was happening – The Daily Theme from Figment!

A few things: 

I couldn’t write dystopia/post-apocalyptic stuff if you put a gun to my head. Though I enjoy making students do so.

I really should come up with a title for my book so I can brag better about it. It’s hard to promote something called As-Yet-Untitled.

However, when you have to still revise the book before it becomes an actual, you know, BOOK, then it’s hard to make up a title. A bit presumptuous, maybe, too. So.

I’m teaching all these classes this summer at The Loft. It’s a long list and I’m too lazy to write it out. They are all for ages 13-17 and scholarships are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Today I’m going to Chicago to experience the Association of Writers and Writing Programs annual conference. I have a full slate of events I plan to attend, but what’s on my mind right now is what I’m going to wear and all the snacks for the road I should purchase.

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