On Donuts

On Donuts

I once had this boyfriend who would get pissed at me if I ate donuts. Young women of the world, this is a terrible quality in a boyfriend – trust.

“I’m tired. And cold. I want a donut.” – me, circa 1993, to then-college-roommate Heather

My sister works at this place where every Friday morning is Donut Day. This big hammy man comes in extra early with a shitload of donuts and sells them to people for a quarter or something. It kicks off a flurry of movement not usually seen in crowds of sedentary, office-padded people. Since this takes place by my sister’s desk, some people give my sister money to secure donuts for them ahead of time, like it’s some Soviet-era queue.

People think that working from home is so great. Except there’s not Donut Day on Fridays…

My favorite donut is the regular raised with coconut/walnut frosting and a little chocolate glaze. They sell them at the grocery. I’m not fancy.

This post has done nothing but make me hungry.

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