My Sister Reads Nonfiction

My Sister Reads Nonfiction

My sister is a total weirdo.

She bought a book about eels from Half-Price books. “I can’t wait to dive into this!” she said on the car ride home. EELS: the slimy icky snake fish creature. Who wants more data about those damn things?

This is also the same person who found reading the journal of a sea captain’s wife ‘riveting.’

She invites Matilda over to watch a PBS documentary on crows and then Matilda is telling me little factoids from her Auntie’s “Crow Show” all the time.

Jigsaw puzzles. Bird-watching. Weeding the cracks in my driveway. She has the habits of an 80-year-old.

Goes to Culvers and orders…GASP –  a tuna melt. 

Once made Sid, Owen and Matilda watch this movie about bats that gave them all nightmares for weeks.

Makes her family watch The Alfred Hitchcock Hour once a week.

Real quote:  “The idea of having to write anything fills me up with dread.”

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