It’s Too Cold For A Title

It’s Too Cold For A Title

There are many things I should be doing but I’m not doing any of them.

I don’t tend to do what I feel like doing.

Whether this is because I’m someone’s mother or just besieged by guilt, I’m not sure.

It’s very cold, which makes me want to get out my CANCELED stamp and cover everything with it.

I have a fat wad of NYT crosswords, three fresh magazines, an episode of The Vampire Diaries and season one of Downton Abbey on Netflix. I have a package of clothing I ordered online I should try on but I haven’t opened it. I haven’t exercised in two days.

The reason is that I’m writing. My Fake People are coming around. Finally. Fuck. I thought I was going to grow a long grey beard.

It turns out they don’t want to do the things I had them do before. They want to do all these other things. So I’m kinda following them around and watching them do these things. Trying to make it hard for them, because this is a revision, and they only get their way on the first draft. After that, it’s much less pleasing and happy. Sorry, Fake People.

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