The Cocktail Chatter Trash Heap: Stuff I’ve Learned From Paid Writing Jobs

The Cocktail Chatter Trash Heap: Stuff I’ve Learned From Paid Writing Jobs

I used to write ad copy for a luxury website. Here are a few scintillating bits of trivia I learned from that job.

1. Old fashioned men’s shaving brushes are made with badger hair.

2. Caffeine has a stimulating and tightening affect on skin.

3. There are four types of boxing gloves: fight gloves, for when you are in the ring, speed gloves for use with the speed bag, bag gloves for heavy bag training and sparring gloves, for use during, well, sparring. 

4. SmartWool socks use the wool of New Zealand Merino sheep, who have adapated to both hot and cold climates over time.

5. Gin was first invented by the Dutch, from juniper berries, but perfected by the British. It was so cheap to make that it was the drink of choice in poor areas and was often called “Mother’s Ruin.”

6. Coco Chanel commissioned several bottles for her perfume line and the fifth one was the one she selected for Chanel No.5.

7. Seamstress and tailor apprentices must work for five years for the House of Pratesi before they can work on linens that will actually be sold. 

8. The official tennis ball of Wimbledon is the Slazenger, which has been in use since 1881.

9. The Auvergne, the once-volcanic region in France where the Battle of the Bulge played out, is also the source for PyroLave countertops.

10. Silk is an excellent comforter filling because it naturally regulates temperature according to season.

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