from Daniel Handler’s Why We Broke Up

“Don’t tease me about math.”

“I’m not teasing you. I’m just remembering. You won that prize last year, right?”


“What was it?”

“It was just finalist. I didn’t win. Twenty-five people got it.”

“Well, but the point is-“

“The point is that it’s embarrassing, and Trevor and everyone gives me shit about it.”

“I don’t. Who would do that? It’s math, Ed. It’s not, like, I don’t know, you’re a really good knitter. Not that knitting-“

“It’s as gay as that.”

“What? Don’t – math’s not gay.”

“It is, kind of.”

“Was Einstein gay?”

“He had gay hair.”

                    — from p. 44-45 of Daniel Handler’s Why We Broke Up, Little, Brown, 2011.

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