Attention, Men

Attention, Men

SCENE: Carrie opens front door to front yard, where Adrian is using a very long pole to pull down Christmas lights from a tree. It’s sunny, about 4:30 in the afternoon.

CARRIE: Hey, honey? Remember how I told you that thing? How women only ask you how you are, because they want YOU to ask how THEY are?


CARRIE: Okay, so when we were talking about the whole weight loss challenge thing? And I said I think I’d probably lose?


CARRIE: That’s the part where you say, ‘Oh, honey, don’t say that!’ and then proceed to offer multiple reasons why I won’t fail.

ADRIAN: Ohhhhh.

CARRIE: Right. So I’ll be inside, then. Give you a moment, you know, to revise your response.

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