Why, YA?

Why, YA?

Burning Questions:

1) Why do the hot boy characters have to be ‘good, sharp dressers?’ Why can’t they just be mindless Abercrombie drones?

2) Why does the main girl character’s best friend have to have the same plucky, sassy, bossy personality? Or some other super LOUD attribute, like she dresses Goth, something in deep contrast to the main character? When in the adolescent wild, it seems that people tend to run in cliques with the same kinda folks? Or is that not true anymore?

3) Why is every hot guy lean and rangy with abs? Can’t he just been lean? Or rangy? Or be generally huge with amazing muscles but no abs?

4) Why does the supernatural boy of one’s dreams always drive some European sports car? And live in an apartment that is ‘modern’ with ‘glass block walls’ or ‘leather sofas’ or ‘granite floors’ and ‘black silk sheets,’ REALLY?

Possible Answers:

1) Because girl readers live with enough of those douchey Abercrombie dipshits. They want to believe in some hot, non-gay guy who looks like Italian Vogue. Fulfill some wishes, Books!

2) Because we will not be able to differentiate otherwise with our puny minds? Maybe it’s an effort to showcase the diversity of today’s youth (or reflect back to a wider marketplace of readers? Except, aren’t Goth kids reading Sartre and Holly Black and everything else besides YA? I never read YA when I was YA, either. When I was 16, I read Toni Morrison and Thomas Hardy. Since I was so brilliant and continental, you see.)

3) Maybe lean and rangy is a nice way of saying ‘skinny’?

4) Because 37-year-old women like me read and write for the YA market? Except I don’t like all those things. So I put other stuff in there I might like. Pick-up trucks instead of Ferraris. Ugh. Tragic.

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